District Ten-Percent Mission Specials

The following have been approved by the Church of the Nazarene as
Pittsburgh District Ten-Percent Mission Specials

Hope in the City
 — The Pittsburgh District formed this non-profit organization to bring help and hope to our city. Currently, Hope in the City is working on a mentoring program for young people and a free medical clinic. Based primarily in Duquesne, PA, this ministry is providing leadership and love to assist people with their needs and represent the presence of Jesus in their world.

Duquesne City of Hope Church of the Nazarene — This congregation, comprised primarily of African-Americans, is providing worship, outreach and benevolence to the residents of Duquesne, PA. Pastor Sue Crist and her congregation are becoming increasingly involved in the neighborhood with adults and children. It is a small congregation that stuggles to meet all the expenses of their building and ministry. A little help goes a long way here.

Wilkinsburg Church of the Nazarene — This African-American congregation, pastored by Pastor Richard Payne, serves Christ in the heart of Wilkinsburg, PA, an urban community of Pittsburgh. Besides worship, they currently operate a compassionate ministry center with a weekly bread distrubution. The center is hoping to expand its ministry soon to include vocational counseling. The biggest need is a roof that is only partially repaired and causing damage to a room below.

NewStart and ReStart Churches — NewStarts are groups that are meeting with the intention of becoming an organized church one day. ReStarts are organized churches that are being revived into effective ministry centers. The Pittsburgh District provides as much financial help as we can by providing housing for pastors, rental for meeting places and money for other ministry expenses as needed.

Pittsburgh Urban Mnistries — Dr. Dallas Mucci serves as the Pittsburgh District Director for Urban Mission. This ministries serves a broader function than Hope in the City. This ministry is looking into ways to reach a growing Hispanic and Latino population in Pittsburgh and Erie. It also serves to assist in the other urban area of our district, Johnstown.

The Good Shepherd Center — This ministry was started in collaboration with the Greenville Lifeway Church of the Nazarene. While it is an idependent ministry, it continues to partner with the Church of the Nazarene to provide services and benevolence to the residents of Greenville, PA and the surrounding area.

Work and Witness Pittsburgh
 — We continue to dream of a district work and witness ministry with a team or team of willing workers who could assist churches with repairs and other building needs. The team would also worship with the congregation and provide a witness of both words and deeds. We welcome any individual or church who might see this as a potential ministry and step forward to lead it.

WE CARE Fund — This is a long-standing benevolent fund that assists churches and clergy with emergency needs. In the past, we have helped with emergency needs such as building repairs, furnace repairs, medical expenses and food, to name a few. Some give regularly to this fund while others have responded to specific needs with one-time gifts.

To contribute to any of these ministries, please send a check payable to the Pittsburgh District Church of the Nazarene. The address is 177 North Road, Butler, PA 16001. If an individual donar indicates the name of his/her local church, the amount of the gift may be reported by the church as a Ten-Percent Mission Special. Please let the pastor and treasurer of your church know that you made a contribution. Of course, you may also contribute through your local church. All gifts are tax-deductible and 100% of the gift is applied to the designated ministry.

Thank you for your generosity and love.

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