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Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries

Pittsburgh District Church of the Nazarene

To intentionally develop relationships with unreached people until they are Christlike disciples and making Christlike disciples.Welcome to the Pittsburgh District Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International website. Our purpose is fourfold:

  1. To teach the Word of God until children, youth, and adults are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience.
  2. To help Christians grow spiritually involving them in evangelism, Christian education, and disciple making.
  3. To encourage children, youth, and adults to enroll in Sunday School / small groups and faithfully attend.

Our goal is to partner with the local church by providing training and resources to help the local church fulfill the mission of making Christlike Disciples in western Pennsylvania.  We’ll be posting useful resources and links to help fulfill those goals.

Rev. David Smith
SDMI Chairperson


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June 20, 2015

NMI, NYI and SDMI Joint Conventions

Before we realize it, the first NMI, NYI and SDMI Convention, joining together to have a ball. The theme, “Let’s Have a Ball”.

Yes, all 3 conventions together. Please join with us in prayer for this huge task. We are working hard to make it a fun day and a celebration. Registration for NMI will begin at 9:00 AM or come earlier. We need to start at 9:30 AM on time. Pastors will be dismissed so they can go to the NYI convention to vote. Lunch will be served at a reasonable price. In the afternoon, there should be a wonderful time of worship with the teens and speakers. Robert Prescott from Cuba, Tim Whetstone from Point Loma, and Sanjay and his family from India all are scheduled. The ENC group will lead music.

Tentative Breakout Sessions

1. Tim Whetstone (connecting youth to college)

2. Bob Prescott (Cuba)

3. Sanjay Gawali (India)

4. Kelly Tatum (youth worker training)

5. Christine Siordia (children)

6. (Q&A regarding new laws with clearances, fingerp rinting, child abuse, mandatory reporting)

7. Sanjay’s son, Sneha, and daughter, Sumeet (Q&A A merican vs. Indian youth and culture)


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